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3 Healthy Pasta Recipes – Easy Ideas For Pasta Lovers!

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Change our eating habits and we can change our world. With every small bit of change, there’s large and huge, but healthy results. They come in forms of eating healthy dishes. Some of those healthy dishes contain classic penne, rotini, or angel hair pasta. In fact, the simple ingredient in most kitchen pantries is pasta that can add a tremendous amount of change to your food diet.

Combination with healthy pasta recipes

Creating recipes with pasta is one of the most healthier ways to promote healthy foods from your kitchen. Additionally, since you know that there’s a multitude of pasta types, you can’t go wrong making healthy pasta recipes. Besides serving versatile pastas with various other ingredients such as cheeses, nuts, veggies, even fruits, you’ll be glad to know that pasta is fulfilling making your appetite satisfied with every last spoon or forkful.

Types of pasta

Since there are more than a dozen kinds of pastas, here’s a list you can skim through to see what types of pasta you can include in your healthy pasta recipes.

  • – Angel Hair (very fine, delicate strands)…3-5 min.
  • – Elbow Macaroni (C-shaped tubes and short)…6-8 min.
  • – Farfalle (bow ties)…10-12 min.
  • – Fettuccine (flat egg noodles, 1/4 ” wide)…10-12 min.
  • – Fusilli or Rotini (spirals, 1 1/2″ long)…8-10min.
  • – Jumbo Shells (large shell shapes, exterior ridged with big ‘open cavity’)…10-12 min.
  • – Linguine (flat noodles, 1/8 ” wide)…10-12 min.
  • – Orecchielong (flat, long noodles, 5/8″)…7-10 min.
  • – Penne (small tubes 2-4″ cut diagonal, with or without ridges)…10-12 min.
  • – Rigatoni (tubes 1 1/4″ long – 3/4″ diameter, with ridges)…11-13 min.
  • – Shells (small shell shapes, similar to Jumbo shells)…10-12 min.
  • – Spaghetti (thin, round strands, 10″ long)…9-11 min.
  • – Ziti (medium width tubes, 2″ or more long)…10-12 min.
  • – Orzo (rice shaped pasta)…9-11min.
  • – Pappardelle (flat, long noodles, 5/8″…7-10 min.

With the nutritional value it has, such as carbohydrates and fiber, the two common nutrients that pasta contains, it’s a top ingredient in healthy pasta dishes. There’s dozens of healthy pasta dishes which are waiting to be created in the kitchen, but for now, we’ll look at three savory ones.

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