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5 Effective Exercises That Improve Your Sexual Performance

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Hinge Bow

This exercise will help a person work out their quads as well as increasing this stamina. A person will get down on the floor on their knees and put their body so that it is at a 90 degree angle. The head and the shoulders should line up with the thighs. A person will lean back and hold this position for a period of 30 seconds. A person will then go back to a resting position. This is repeated as long as a person feels comfortable. The more a person exercises the more comfortable they will be and the longer they will be able to work out for. The same is true with sex.

Twirling Hips

This will work out the hips which can be used for a number of different sexual positions. A person will stand with their feet apart and the knees are slightly bent. A person will move the pelvis forward until they are not able to push it any further. This position is held for a period of 30 seconds. A person will then repeat this move while bending the knee of their other leg. This is repeated in a couple of sets.

Lying Bridge

This exercise will increase flexibility. A person will lie on their back with the knees bent. The glutes are squeezed and then raised off the floor. The body should form a straight line. This is held for 30 seconds. The body is lowered than the exercise is repeated. This will also help a person strength their hips which is very important for having sex. This works with lying or standing sexual positions.

These are just some of the positions that will help a person improve their sexual performance. This will allow a person to please their partner and allow them both to enjoy a night of great sex in some new and interesting positions.


5 Effective Exercises That Improve Your Sexual Performance

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