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5 Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss – Don’t Miss !

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It is not a secret losing weight is not an easy affair. However, with the right approach like changing your recipe will sure make the process easier if not fun. Importantly, you should understand that weight loss is a lifestyle and not a seasonal thing. Most people start a food recipe for losing weight which actually happens and they go back to their old lifestyle only to add weight. You want to lose weight? The answer is simple, eat a healthy meal that is balanced and stick to that. Here are 5 healthy recipes for weight loss:

Five Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss – Don’t Miss !


A combination of cabbage and carrot as a chicken salad is very good. Citrus additions will make the salad even better because it can be an antioxidant. Such a recipe supports digestion in the body as well as keeping you hydrated when the temperatures are high. For those who are interested in details, the fat content is low while other nutrients are significantly high meaning you will actually shed off weight other than add. Varying your salads with avocados and greens is also recommended since you will be detoxifying your body and also adding more fiber in your meals.

2- Smoothies

Yes, smoothies can do your body wonders in terms of fat especially when you take them in the mornings. A chocolate milkshake smoothie is a great way to give your body protein and fiber in the morning. You will not only enjoy taking breakfast, but also stay full all morning. If you want more fiber in a smoothie chia berry smoothie is what you are looking for. Not only will you be full but also gain from the antioxidants in the drink. Change the fruits depending on what you want to get in terms of nutrients and fiber. Carrots are another great option.

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