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6 Amazing Sex Tips Your Partner Will Love – Try Today !

When having an intimate relationship both partners are worried about their performance. They want the other person to enjoy the sexual experience as much as they do. There are some sex tips your partner will love to make sex even better.

Dress up Under

While some articles of clothing are sexy it is what is under the clothing that really matters. Ladies and men for that matter can give their partner a surprise by wearing something sexy under their clothing. Thongs, see through panties, and matching stockings with a garter belt make a nice surprise. They are a change from the full coverage panties and are sexy. When wearing these sexy undergarments a person will feel sexier and have more confidence.

Strip Tease

A strip tease is sexy and there is no stripper pole needed to have some fun. All a person needs is some clothing that will be easy to take off and a little bit of music. When a woman is giving her man a strip tease she can start by taking her hair out of a ponytail or a bun in a seductive manner. Once the hair is down she can start to button her shirt slowly and expose the skin that is beneath. While stripping down be sure to maintain eye contract. This will make the tease even sexier.


There is nothing sexier then receiving a full body massage after a long day at work. Not only is a massage sexy will help relieve stress and tension as well. The couple can take turns giving each other a full body rub down. There are a number of products and massage oils in seductive scents that can be used as well. There are even some massage oils that will become warm to the touch. When giving massage be sure to take it slow and do not rush. Every part of the body can use a little touch now and then.

Have a Rendezvous

Just because a couple has been together a while does not mean they cannot keep things interesting and exciting. Role playing can be fun from time to time and above all it is sexy. A couple can also make a little change to their date night. There are some ways to get the rendezvous going. The woman can be sitting alone at a bar or a table. Her man will then come up to her and pretend that he does not know her. He can then proceed to pick her up and the couple can flirt all night. They can allow the passion and the fun to build up and then go home and enjoy the rest of the night.

Watch Something X Rated

Every now and then watching porn can be sexy. As long as the couple respects each other and what they are willing to do watching porn together can be sexy. A couple can rent an x rated movie or they can stream one from the internet. They will get a good show and will be able to get some inspiration from watching this movie.

Make Out

People that have been together for a long time stop making out at one point. Kissing can be a lot of fun. Kissing in an intimate activity and just as important as sex. Instead of jumping right into the deed trying kissing for first. Kissing can lead to some intimate touching , and this touching can lead to sex. Kissing is great foreplay but is one of the things that is often overlooked.

These are just some ways to make sex even more fun. When a person has found someone that they have good sexual chemistry with these sex tips will drive them wild and keep them wanting more.

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Sex Tips Your Partner Will Love