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7 Day Healthy Eating Plan To lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight can be a big task. A person knows they have to cut down on calories, but they may not know how to. This seven-day healthy eating plan will help a person lose weight and take the mystery out of dieting.

Day 1

To start the diet the first day’s breakfast will be two sliced of whole grain bread topped with peanut butter and an orange. Lunch is mixed vegetables, spinach, and a bean salad. A snack can be a cheese stick or a serving of whole grain crackers. Dinner can be turkey meatballs and a cup of vegetables. A snack can be a cup of berries for fresh fruit.

Day 2

Breakfast on day two can be a cup of whole grain cereal and a banana. Lunch will be tuna on whole grain bread with one cup of fresh vegetables. A snack can be some dried fruit mixed with nuts. Dinner on day two consists of tortilla, beans, and shredded cheese. This is a low-fat version of a burrito.

Day 3

Breakfast on day three is a cup of oatmeal with one cup of fresh berries. Lunch is a turkey rollup on a tortilla topped with fresh vegetables. Cottage cheese makes a great snack. Dinner is now four ounces of chicken with one cup of couscous and a cup of vegetables. Snacks for day three can be a cup of melon or fresh berries.

Day 4

Day four adds some variety. Breakfast is a half up of granola with one cup of diced fruits as well as a cup of yogurt. Lunch is a cup of couscous with three ounces of chicken as well as a cup of vegetables. A snack can be low fat hummus with a whole wheat pita. Dinner on day four consists of a grilled sweet potato, grilled salmon and a cup of vegetables. An ounce of dark chocolate makes a great snack.

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