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There is something that has many health benefits that most people do not get enough of. This thing is sleep. Sleep has many health benefits, but most people get much less then they need. There are several benefits of a good night’ sleep that can improve overall health.

Improved Memory

When a person is tired, they will not be fully alert. When a person gets sleep enough, they will notice that their memory is much better, and they have an easier time recalling facts. If a person is looking to learn new information, they should also get enough sleep. Studies have shown that people who are well rested are able to learn better. Sleep is needed for memory of tasks both recent and of the past.

Longer Life

Too much sleep has been linked to a shorter lifespan. Studies have shown that people who get less than 5 hours of sleep a night died at an earlier age than people that got at least 6.5 hours of sleep every night.

Stop Inflammation

People that suffer from inflammation have a higher chance of developing heart disease, a stoke, diabetes, arthritis, and may see signs of premature again. People that do not sleep often enough have higher blood pressure and may be putting themselves at risk for some health problems.

Better Creativity

People that sleep are able to design more creative projects and ideas. The brain will take ideas and restructure them in new and different ways. Researchers have found that people that get the proper sleep have a stronger emotional component to their thinking as well as their memory. This will them to become more creative and stimulates the creative part of the brain.

Improve Athletic Performance

If a person is into sports even competitive sports than getting more sleep can help them play better and harder. Studies have found that college football players that slept around 10 hours a night had greater sprint time during the game as well as more stamina. A similar study was done with tennis players as well as swimmers. They also had improved performance once they were getting sleep enough.

Get Better Grades

Not getting the proper amount of sleep can have effects on children as well. Children that range in age between 10 and 16 that did not get enough sleep or had a sleeping disorder hard trouble concentrating in school and get poor test scores. Experts have stated that they have significant functional performance in school due to sleeping issues. College students that also did not get the recommended amount of sleep also scored lower on tests and assignments then students that got plenty of sleep.

Increased Attention Span

If a person does not get enough sleep they can show symptoms of ADD or ADHD. This is especially true in children. Lack of sleep leads to poor concentration and lack of focus. Children that slept less than 8 hours showed signs of hyperactivity, inattention, and had a lack of impulse control.

Healthy Weight

People that do not get a enough sleep are more likely to be overweight. People that got at least 6.5 hours of sleep a night were able to lose 56% more fat and keep their lean muscle mass. Dieters that were sleep deprived also had reported more feelings of hunger. The more sleep a person gets the better their metabolism will function which will allow them to lose weight and keep it off.

These are just some of the health benefits that getting plenty of sleep has. A person will be more alert and will find themselves in a better mood. They will perform better at work and school. Sleep is needed for better overall health and positive functioning in everyday life.

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Benefits Of A Good Night Sleep