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If you’re looking for warm, filling and delicious meals to enjoy this fall and winter, then healthy soup recipes are the answer. Soup is simple to make, warming when the weather gets colder, and absolutely the ultimate comfort food. There are a lot of delicious soup recipes out there, but if you’re looking to take care of your health as well as your tummy this season, why not try some of these delicious and healthy soups?

A good healthy soup recipe steers clear of heavy cream and cheese, and instead makes lean meats and fish, healthy pulses and lentils, and yummy fresh veg the stars of the show. Here are 4 healthy soup recipes to tickle your taste buds. All recipes serve 4.

Roast Vegetables With Garbanzo Beans

This is hearty, warming healthy soup that just tastes like fall. Instead of meat, the protein comes from tasty garbanzo beans. To start with, you’ll need to do a little pre-prep. You’re going to be roasting some veg, so gather two carrots, two parsnips, and about ten potatoes. You can also add some chunks of celeriac or rutabaga. Dice your veg up, spread them in a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil, and roast them at 390 degrees for an hour or until softened.

Once your veg is cooked, take a heavy-bottomed pot, pour in a little olive oil, and gently cook two diced onions until translucent. Tip in your roast veg, and add a 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes, four cups of vegetable broth, and a 15-ounce can of garbanzo beans. Simmer until the garbanzo beans are warmed through. Serve as is for a healthy chunky soup recipe, or blend for a smoother soup.

Mediterranean Fish Soup

This fish soup recipe is a lovely low-fat healthy soup that is also just bursting with delicious flavors. It’s quick and easy to prepare too, making it the perfect wholesome soup for busy nights.

To prepare, you’ll need to dice two onions and two garlic cloves, and cook them gently in a little olive oil until softened. Now all you need to do is add a 28-ounce can of tomatoes, six cups of fish broth, and some chopped fresh green beans. Simmer gently for fifteen minutes to let the tomatoes thicken and reduce.

Now you’re ready to add some delicious fish flavors! Take 1kg of any white fish and chop into bite sized chunks. Add it to the soup along with 300g shrimp and some fresh basil and parsley leaves. Simmer for another fifteen minutes until the fish is hot through, and serve with crusty whole grain bread for a healthy soup supper.

Minestrone Soup

This healthy minestrone soup recipe is meat-free but still packs a flavorful punch! Finding healthy soup recipes that are quick to make is a boon for any busy Mom, Dad or worker. This one is a simple to prepare healthy soup recipe that is sure to become a family favorite on those colder nights.

Making this minestrone couldn’t be easier. Simply simmer a 28-ounce can of tomatoes for 15 minutes to reduce and soften. Then add one cup each frozen corn and frozen peas, a handful of fresh basil or a few pinches of dried basil, and a 15 ounce can of haricot or cannellini beans. Pour in four cups of vegetable or chicken broth and add a handful of small pasta pieces (macaroni works great).

Now all you need to do is add a little salt and pepper to taste and simmer for another 15 minutes for a healthy week night soup recipe ready to put on the table. Sprinkle a little parmesan over for a tasty optional extra.

Chicken Noodle Soup

A list of healthy soup recipes wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential healthy and comforting soup. Whether you’re feeling the cold or you just want a delicious healthy soup to enjoy, chicken noodle soup is a go-to recipe for the colder months.

This recipe is quick and easy to make. To get started, take two carrots and four celery sticks, and chop finely. Dice an onion and a garlic clove. Add the diced veggies to a heavy bottomed pan with a little olive oil and cook gently for ten minutes. This step really brings out the flavors and makes this healthy chicken noodle soup recipe a little bit special.

Now add four chopped chicken breasts and a little salt and pepper to the pan and keep cooking until the chicken is sealed (when it turns white). Pour over six cups of chicken or vegetable broth and add a couple of teaspoons each of dried parsley and oregano. Simmer for twenty minutes to make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Finally, add one and a half cups of dried egg noodles and cook for another seven minutes until the noodles are done.

Having some easy and delicious healthy soup recipes in your repertoire guarantee that you’ll have delicious meals on your table this fall and winter.

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