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How Healthy Are Your Breasts | Healthy Breasts Tips

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You’re overdoing it at the gym.

If you are used to lift much weight, you are in risk of your pectoralis muscles strain, which lie just beneath your breasts. The best possible treatment is a heating pad and using an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. If you feel pain just over your breastbone and worsens with movements, you might suffer from costochondritis, results from intense exercise. Try ibuprofen. If the pain is serious, visit your doctor.

Your meds.

The birth control pill has pain relieving effect in some women. But woman who has estrogen sensibility may find that it makes their breasts ache. Low-dose pills of 20 to 25 containing less estrogen are unlikely to cause tenderness. In case |you’ve got asthma, dodge the drug theophylline, which is similar to caffeine and bear some same side effects.

These common breast issues should be taken care of unless serious condition or embarrassment may be experienced. Thank you for visiting us. Stay with us for more article like this.

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