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How To Get A Flat Stomach In A Week – Don’t Miss

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Many people want to get a flat stomach. This part of the body is one of the hardest to remove fat from. There are some tips to teach a person how to get a flat stomach and will allow them to get into shape.

Eat at the Right Time

There is a great time of day when a person should eat a snack that is high in protein. A person should have a high protein snack such as low-fat cheese, an apple, or some nuts between 3 pm and 4 pm. Eating at this time will help give the metabolism a much-needed boost. It will also help regulate blood sugar levels and keep the insulin levels low. Insulin is responsible for the increase in fat that is stored in the stomach. This will also help keep a person satisfied between lunch and dinner. A person will be less likely to overeat when they have dinner later on in the day.

 Use a Ball

There are different exercises that will target specific areas of the body including the stomach. A person should do ball dips and exchanges at least three times every week. To perform these moves a person needs to lay flat on their back and keep the arms and legs straight. A stability ball should then be held above the head. The legs should be brought up so they are touching the ball. The ball should then be lowered back to the floor, and the arms and legs straighten out once again. This should be repeated 10 times and a person will notice after a short time that their stomach is getting flattered.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is one of the worst things for belly fat. Eat as close to zero grams of sugar as day as possible. This will allow insulin levels to remain lower and keep levels of the hormone glucagon high. Glucagon is the hormone that will help reduce fat in the stomach. A person will have increased energy levels as well. The less sugar that a person is consuming the less fat they will find in their stomach.

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