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6 Must Know Sex Tips For Women – How To Please Your Man

There are some many things that can take the fun out of daily life. After a long day, many people just want to go to bed. For a couple, there is nothing hot or sexy about just going to bed. Daily tasks can take a toll on a once healthy sex life. There are some sex tips for women to help her keep her partner feeling wanted and keep the sex hot and passionate.

Touch Him First

Many women do not think that a man wants to have sex if he is sitting on the bed or he is watching television. She feels that he is too tired. To get a man thinking about sex, she should try something simple. All she has to do is reach over and touch him. The man will be instantly stimulated and know that he is wanted. All she has to do is stroke the man for a minute or two and it will instantly put him in the mood.

Morning Sex

There is nothing that is hotter than waking up to some good sex in the morning. The couple often feel that they only have sex at night before going to bed. One of the best surprises for a man is to start the day off with some good sex in the morning. This will take him by surprise and set the pace for the rest of the day. He will be in a better mood during the day and will leave the house with a smile on his face.

Focus on the Tip

When a woman is giving a man oral sex she is focusing on pleasing the entire penis. This can get tiring after a while. Men will notice that the woman is getting tired and this will be a turn-off . When a woman needs a break she should focus just on the tip. Be sure that it is lubed up enough and lick it in a circular motion. This will help drive him crazy and give her a chance to get some energy back.

Be Real

When a woman fakes an orgasm, she often does so to make the man feel better about himself. The surprising thing is that many men can tell it is take. If a man is not doing it the women should take the matter into her own hands and take control. She should change positions and use him to orgasm.


There are some places that women forget to kiss that will drive a man crazy. She does not forget them on purpose but often overlooks some common erogenous zones. To get a man really turned on she should kiss certain places such as the nape of the neck and the ear. For many men these are the hot zones. There may be some other places that the man likes . Within a couple of minutes the man will be begging for more action and more kisses in other places.

Spoon With Some Fun

Spooning can be fun and there are some ways to keep it interesting and to keep things active. After sex a couple should get in the traditional spooning position. Instead of just laying there a woman should start to touch her man. He can touch her thighs and his legs. This will get him thinking about sex again. If he is really interested this position will allow easy access to his manhood and can start up round two.

These are some sex tips for women to keep things hot and heavy in the bedroom. There is no reason a couple has to have plain sex or no sex at all. These sex tips will keep things hot and allow the couple to enjoy each other.

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