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What I should eat before working out? This is the most common question that everyone asks to make their weight loss journey successful. However, the fact is totally puzzled. Some says this food should eat and some says not, what makes you confused totally. Read on this post you will get here some idea about foods that you should eat before working out.

Before mentioning the name of foods that you should eat before working out let’s give a look on the importance of pre-workout nutrition. The importance of pre-work out food is really praise worthy that you cant explain even as this is matter what makes your weight loss journey completely successful. Without a good pre-workout food your diet is nothing just a waste of time. However, you can lose your weight but ultimately you will feel weak or you can suffer kind of health injuries. So be careful on it. It will ensure you required energy what will not let you feel weak and dull. That is why nutritionist suggests having pre- work out food minimum two hours before. But the snacks should be less in amount, like you can eat 40 to 100 grams of carbohydrate that will keep you energetic in you exercise session and at the same time it will burn fat from your body.

Let’s discuss what kind of food that you should eat as pre-workout foods. Though there are so many suggestions available but I found it effective what follow personally.

Pre-Workout foods

  • Greek yogurt
  • Smoothies
  • Whole wheat toast with banana
  • Fruit salad like apple, banana and strawberry
  • Chocolate milk
  • Hummus and Spinach Sandwich

Food That You Should Not Eat As Pre-Workout

There are list of pre-workout food below that you should not eat. Consuming it may effect your weight loss journey. The foods are:


Eggs are rich in protein and omega 3 essential fatty acids. Moreover, some chickens are fed with flaxseed, which increases the amount of omega-3 in the eggs what causes to add extra carb in your body. So better you can avoid it.


Though legumes are good source of fiber what helps your body to control your blood sugar level and energy level stable. But you should avoid it as pre-workout food. You better have this legume as post workout food. It will make you energetic and healthy.


Vegetable especially allium vegetables, are good sources of flavonoids. You should avoid garlic, onions, chives, scallions, and leeks. These vegetables are more beneficial when eaten raw by people who are working out.


Mollusks are rich in protein. You can get essesntial amount of protein, minerals, iron, vitamin B12, copper and vitamins in it. But as a pre-workout food avoid it.


Nuts are a great source of nutrients including fatty acids, proteins, fiber, potassium, folate, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E. Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts. However, maximum people have it as a pre-work out food, but this is not the right way to go. You can have nuts after the session not before.

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